HVYSLB001 - The Brought Low

Album - The Brought Low

Original Release - Tee Pee Records 2001 (cd only)

This album was re-mastered by West West Side Music specifically for this vinyl release. A very limited run of 250 copies were pressed on 180 gram magenta vinyl, and the jacket is a heavy cardboard gatefold. A lot of work (and money) went into this record, and you can tell when you play it.

This is a one-time pressing, so get it while you can (the cd is OOP)!



Side One

  1. 1.What I Found

  2. 2.Goddamn God Bless

  3. 3.Motherless Sons

  4. 4.Kings & Queens

Side Two

  1. 1.Hot N’ Cold

  2. 2.City Boy

  3. 3.Outer Borough Dust Run

  4. 4.Deathbed

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